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from the DCE


Kathryn Maddy, 304 539-2573

   “Words which do not give the light of Christ increase the darkness…”   Mother Teresa

This pandemic has taken a toll on us in so many ways beyond the loss of life and a devastated economy.  Our mental health is often perched atop a proverbial fence just waiting to be tipped over by the next gust.  Our focus is often drowned in complacency.  We desperately miss opportunities for close fellowship and vibrant worship.  


As the season following Epiphany comes to a close on Ash Wednesday, we enter a time where reflective solitude is prescribed by Christ’s church.  How do we do this in a normal year?  We truly entered an isolated pandemic wilderness last year early in the season of Lent.  We have yet to leave that wilderness, but we are called to enter again?  How can we go again into this 40 days of reflection and repentance?  


Personally this will require a good deal of self-discipline and the creation of a sacred space inside my home.  Many people have a special place they sit before their laptop, computer or phone to virtually participate in worship.  Do you return to this space for a daily dose of scripture and prayer?  A time to refocus on Jesus and our purpose in his service is essential for fruitful living. 


If you have not already created a sacred space, I challenge you to do so now.  Find a place where you already go to feel at peace, and bring meaningful or peaceful items into that space with you.  Light a candle each time you “enter” to signify that you are in the presence of the one true Holy God.  Maybe even remove your shoes to acknowledge you are on holy ground in that moment.  


When entering this time of worship or prayer, do so intentionally.  Set aside other concerns for the moment.  Perhaps set a pattern for the beginning and ending of this sacred time:  light a candle and recite a breath prayer, then recite another as you extinguish the candle.  Or just settle into a quiet body with several deep breaths.  You could even ring a chime.   Be sure to turn your phone to “do not disturb” or leave it in another room. 


10:00 am Worship

A nursery is available on first floor for our infants and toddlers.  We currently do not have Sunday School classes but look forward to the day we can begin again.  Keep checking with us.   


Adult Study 

The Wired Word is an online adult Sunday school curriculum with weekly lessons that confront the news with scripture and hope. It is available weekly to our congregation through subscription. If you would like to receive it via email, contact the office. – Please contact the church office if you would like to receive the Wired Word. 304 727 2241 or email: fpcsa@firstpresbychurch.com


Youth Group News!



Bluestone’s primary mission is our Summer Camping Program, and though we are back up and running again, we remain mindful that we are still in the midst of a pandemic. 

For that reason, we have chosen to go with a “Family Group” model to utilize our cabin lodging spaces. We are also offering our traditional Hogan Venture Camp experience to high school age youth with limited enrollment. Check out our website for more information: Bluestonecamp.org





2021 Younger Youth Retreat

(for youth in grades 6-8 and adults who work with them) “Trolls in Our Midst”

Saturday, May 15 Coonskin Park, Charleston Picnic Shelters 19 and 20

Focus: Trolls may remind us of small colorful creatures. These days, trolls are also those who seem to hate just to hate - posting negative, hurtful, comments on others’ social media posts. This retreat will explore where we encounter trolls like those on social media, when we are trolls, and how Jesus calls us and transforms us away from being trolls.  The registration deadline is Thursday, April 29. Questions? Contact Susan Sharp Campbell, susan_sharp_campbell@hotmail.com or Kathryn Maddy.